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Chicken & Mushroom Bake

Swap the broccoli following cauliflower if you following or use both. This recipe is low salt, low sugar, low fat and high protein. Ingredients 1 chicken breast, sliced into strips 100g mushrooms, sliced 2 tsp. olive oil onion, sliced 2…

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Smokey Baked Chicken

This recipe is low fat, low sugar and high protein. Ingredients 1 large chicken breast, no skin 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 can red kidney beans, drained and rinsed onion, sliced red capsicum, chopped 1/3 cup long grain rice 2/3…

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Mushroom Ratatouille

Instead of couscous you can alleviate following quinoa, brown rice, or everything you have approaching hand. This recipe is low sugar, low fat, low sodium, and pleasant source of protein. Ingredients 4 large showground or Portobello mushrooms, sliced chunky onion,…

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Steamed Chinese Fish & Sauté Vegetables

If you cant benefit Chinese cabbage or Bok Choy just use spinach or broccoli. This recipe is low sugar, low carb, low fat and high protein. Ingredients 2 x 125g white fish fillets Snapper, Rockling, Barramundi tsp. chilli pin or…

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Greek Lamb with Tzatziki

This recipe is low sodium, low sugar, low saturated fat and to your liking source of protein. Ingredients 1 tbsp. olive oil onion, sliced 2 cloves garlic, crushed 250g lamb mince 4 small mushrooms sliced red capsicum, sliced 1 carrot,…

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Mexican Beef Lasagne

Freeze any leftovers for choice night. If you taking into account a bit of spice then ensue some chilli to the meat amalgamation or drizzle some gorgeous chilli sauce subsequent to more. This recipe is low sugar, low saturated fat,…

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