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Chicken & Mushroom Bake

Chicken & Mushroom Bake

Swap the broccoli following cauliflower if you following or use both. This recipe is low salt, low sugar, low fat and high protein.

1 chicken breast, sliced into strips
100g mushrooms, sliced
2 tsp. olive oil
onion, sliced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 cup gathering, chicken salt condensed
Squeeze lemon juice
Sprinkle of rosemary and or thyme/oregano
1 cups open n creamy evaporative milk
80g broccoli, scrape into florets
2 handfuls baby spinach leaves
50g dried pasta bombs
Preheat oven 180C. Cook your pasta until just cooked, drain and consent to.
Heat a non-presenter frypan taking into account olive oil, medium heat. Add onion and saut for a few minutes until softened. Add mushrooms, season subsequent to salt and pepper, saut for a few minutes. Add garlic, spinach and a tiny bit of accretion if needed to grow less from hold the pan whilst up. Turn off and permit.
In the same pan, grill your chicken 1-2 minutes each side just to seal in the juices. Take off pan.
Grab a little oven plate and place mushroom union going concerning for base of plate. Then bump pasta, chicken and broccoli. Pour accretion and evaporative milk on summit of, in addition to squeeze lemon on summit of dish, sprinkle your herbs on top of also season as soon as salt and pepper. Cover dish tightly subsequent to foil to half steam, sometime 2 layers of foil is needed.
Bake in oven for 25 – 30 minutes or until chicken has cooked.

Nutrition Table
Servings: 2 Serving size:511g

Average ServeAverage 100g
Energy2060 kJ403 kJ

492 Cal96 Cal
Protein54.7 g10.7 g
Fat, unmovable13.1 g2.6 g
– saturated4.2 g0.8 g
Carbohydrate35.3 g6.9 g
– sugars17.4 g3.4 g
Sodium310 mg61 mg