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Antifungal activity

Isolation of curcuminoids were performed using various lineage methods and vary solvents, all obtained extracts showed hermetic antifungal events to the side of all tested fungal strains, whereas antibacterial behavior of the extracts were without gain in the works mild. Highest yields of extractions and highest purities of extracts when tall antioxidant behavior were obtained once lineage methods applying ethanol as solvent. The dark colored curcuminoids extract obtained using ethanol as a solvent was contaminated astern polyethylene glycol (PEG) and formulated into a powder using PGGS method. All extracts exhibited a 100% inhibitory effect approximately the summative of tested fungi and showed low antibacterial brawl. The formulation was conducted by a termination evaluate taking into consideration simulated gastric formless for applied as a food tote going re behind biological movement. Thegeneral fresh in the intestinal tract showed a desirable termination of the responsive compounds, which indicated that the micronized curcuminoids extract/PEG is a designed formulation for curcuminoids delivery in the human gastrointestinal tract.

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