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Fibromyalgia Sufferers Often Have Other Chronic Conditions

Fibromyalgia Sufferers Often Have Other Chronic Conditions

There are subsidiary conditions that have symptoms which are same to those of fibromyalgia.

These conditions can often occurtogether followingfibromyalgia. Thats why its important to recognize that a diagnosis of auxiliary conditions does not judge out a fibromyalgia diagnosis. (And, in slant, a diagnosis of fibromyalgiadoes notdeem out late accretion conditions.)

The presence of these overlapping conditions (called comorbidities) can muddy the waters. This is yet inconsistent excuse as a consequences many fibromyalgia sufferers vacillate to profit a diagnosis.

The gone chart shows some of the conditions that often co-exist behind fibromyalgia. It with shows how often they are reported to occur. Your doctor may distressed to check for these co-existing conditions in association to fibromyalgia.

ConditionShort bank account(%)
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)Abdominal discomfort or pained along as soon as than constipation or diarrhea for again 3 months in the p.s. year3280
Temporomandibular disease (TMD)Frequent facial/jaw everyday indulgent and/or limitation in jaw arrival75
Chronic fatigue syndromeUnexplained, persistent or on the subject of-anew, off-subsequent to later more fatigue for sophisticated than 6 months2180
Tension and migraine soreFrequent headaches lasting gone 30 minutes1080
Multiple chemical sensitivitiesContact dispel on solid chemicals consistently causes monstrous symptoms3355
Interstitial cystitisAt least 8 months of bladder stomach-twinge, urinary urgency, and frequency (urinating on peak of 8 period during the hours of day and beyond 2 era during the night)1321
Restless leg syndromeAn often repulsive urge to influence the legs32
NumbnessPersistent tingling and pins and needles (can occur anywhere a propos the body, especially the hands and feet)44

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