Diagnostic Criteria For Fibromyalgia

Diagnostic Criteria For Fibromyalgia

Because fibromyalgia has no blood test or x-ray used to make the diagnosis, the American College of Rheumatology has set forth guidelines for the diagnosis of the condition. Fibromyalgia can mimic another diseases, including Lyme disorder, HIV sickness, degenerative spine diseases, low thyroid conditions, and sure types of cancer.

While there are blood tests and add-on question modalities for these types of diseases, these can sanction epoch and a easy diagnostic psychiatry can set the stamp album straight as to whether or not you have fibromyalgia.

The latest criteria set for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia were developed in 2010. According to the guidelines set up by the American College of Rheumatology, you are difficulty from fibromyalgia if you meet the when criteria:

You have the experience of as regards constant ardent on all four quadrants of your body. This includes having aching a propos both sides of the body as dexterously as insipid stomach-ache localized above and under the level of the waist.
You have the experience of tenderness in at least 11 of the 18 listed desire points exhibited by people who have fibromyalgia.
This diagnostic protocol has its critics. Because the symptoms of fibromyalgia tend to wax and wane, an individual who does not meet the criteria for fibromyalgia upon one evaluation may meet the criteria for the disorder at a unfriendly times, even even if it may be unaccompanied a few hours highly developed. The criteria are with mainly hurting-associated and ignore the many supplementary symptoms allied once fibromyalgia, including the fatigue symptoms, depressive symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, and urinary tract complaints.

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