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Can Down syndrome be prevented?

Can Down syndrome be prevented?

Down syndrome is not an illness or sickness to be prevented but instead, an unexplained error in replicating DNA, genes, and chromosomes at the antique stages of embryo proceed.

There is a association together furthermore the age of the mother and the risk of having a child taking into account Down syndrome. The overall frequency of a Down child is concerning 1 in 691 living births, but the older the mother, the far afield along the frequency. For mothers 34 years pass-fashioned and younger, Down syndrome frequency is 1 in 1,500 live births and the frequency gradually rises, consequently that for mothers older than age 45, it is 1 in 50 alive births.

For couples who have a child taking into account Down syndrome, there is increased risk to have a second child when Down syndrome. Women taking into account Down syndrome are gifted ofbecoming pregnantand are at increased risk of having option child subsequent to Down syndrome.

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