How Essential Oils Are Made

How Essential Oils Are Made

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How Essential Oils Are Made

Distillation And Cold Pressing

Distillation and cold pressing are two methods used to create essential oils. Cold-pressing an oil begins with grinding the plant into a paste. A tool is used to crush the paste, allowing for the release of the oil.

Steam distillation is one of the most common forms for producing essential oils.  The steam plays a role in rupturing the plant’s membranes which aid in the release of the essential oil. Steam enables the essential oil to rise to the top of the condenser. The oil that emerges is the essential oil.

Essential Oil Blends

You can make your own essential oil blends to serve a variety of purposes. When handling essential oils, at a minimum, you will want to have the following resources on hand:

  • Labels
  • Dark glass bottles
  • Droppers
  • Small funnels
  • Glass Measuring cups
  • Measuring spoons