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Why Fibromyalgia is a problem

Pain and soreness all the time makes d#life difficult. Feeling tiredness, persistent fatigue makes you unable to do work. Inability to think clearly - Fibro Fog. Inability to do job properly Inability to do household chores properly, Inability to look after children and fulfill their needs, Inability to be a good parent - all make you feel inadequate. More so there is no physical appearance problem so people may think you are putting it up rather than being real.

Energy Boost for the Body

Super Nerve Power increases the glucose uptake in mitochondria which is the power house of nerve cells and thus it increase the energy as well as feeling of well being. It also has Guarna and Phosphatidyl Serine which help readjusting the neurotransmitters and thus allow normal processing of nerve impulses and energy flow. Coenzyme Q and Ginkgo Biloba given together have been found to be quite helpful in scientific study in Fibromyalgia patients.